Saturday, January 19, 2013

Seven Random Things

I was tagged by Rebecca Lamoreaux in this blog hop thingy:


For this blog you have to list seven random things about yourself :) Here goes!

1. My sense of geography is atrocious. I don't know anything in my state, can't picture the U.S. map, and know maybe where ten other countries are. If ever there was a subject that could make me look like a valley girl, it's a geography one.

I feel your pain, Miss South Carolina.

2. I had to be held back in kindergarten (at Challenger) because I couldn't speak English. And now I'm trying to be a writer?


3. I still love unicorns. Who could possibly not love a unicorn? 

The artist of that work can be found here, btw:

4. I got to swim with dolphins once. It was phenomenal. 

5. Back in elementary school, my best friend (at the time) and I decided to pretend I was mute and only communicated through sign language when we met these two new girls. I made up hand signals and she would interpret them however she wanted. Best part? I think those kids totally bought it.

6. I'm one of those people who could lose their cell phone for a month and have only one missed call. 

From my mother.

7. I loved the side ponytail growing up. 

Wore one to middle school. 

Not one of my best ideas. 

Just loved that eighties style. Probably because I was a little obsessed with Teen Witch.

 And just for more random:

I doth tag:

Alyssa J. Lewis :)

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  1. LOL loved your post!! You made me laugh - a lot! Fun to find out those things about you!